Other Lens Care Products

Whether you choose one-bottle systems, peroxide-based systems, lens drops, cleaners or saline solutions, CIBA VISION provides highly effective lens care products that ensure comfort, performance and convenience.


AOSEPT is a hydrogen peroxide-based disinfecting solution that is part of a lens care system ideal for contact lens wearers who are heavy depositors or have sensitivities to preservatives found in multi-purpose solutions. Lens wearers simply clean lenses with a daily cleaner, rinse with a sterile saline solution, and place lenses in the special AOSEPT cup and disc with the disinfection solution for at least 6 hours.

Unizyme® Enzymatic Cleaner

Unizyme removes protein deposits from all contact lenses – in just 10 minutes. It’s convenient and easy to use – and can even be used in your own CIBA VISION lens case, with your CIBA VISION lens care system, so you don ’t have to purchase any additional lens cases.

SoftWear® Saline

Formulated for sensitive eyes, with a special buffer to maintain pH balance at the same natural level as your tears, SoftWear Saline’s “Comfort-Rinse” formula washes away the daily cleaner and loosened deposits to help keep your lenses comfortable all day long. For rinsing and storage of all types of soft contact lenses.


This extra-strength daily contact lens surface cleaner works for all types of soft and hard (PMMA) contact lenses to help remove film, deposits and debris. Specially formulated with isopropyl alcohol to help dissolve lipids and oil-based makeup from contact lenses.

Quick CARE® System

Due to the introduction of newer, more innovative products, Quick CARE has been discontinued. If you are a current user of Quick CARE, contact your eye care professional to see if SOLOCARE AQUA would be suitable for your particular needs.