AQuify® Long-Lasting Comfort Drops

The average person blinks about 12 times per minute. If you’re awake for 16 hours, that’s 11,520 blinks per day. Each time you blink, your natural tears spread a layer of moisture and lubrication over your eye.

With the introduction of blink-activated AQuify Drops, CIBA VISION has created an innovative lens drop that replicates the behavior of your natural tears to help provide long-lasting comfort. Unlike most lens drops on the market, AQuify Drops contain sodium hyaluronate to help the drops stay on the eye longer so your contact lenses remain more comfortable and moist*.

What makes AQuify Drops so effective is its special ingredient, sodium hyaluronate. With each blink of the eye, AQuify Drops actually becomes more spreadable, bathing your lens in lubrication and moisture. The second AQuify contacts your tears, the preservative turns into water and oxygen - so it can be used by those who are sensitive to preservatives.

*Amos C, In the blink of an eye: A multi-dose, preservative-free contact lens drop. Optician. 2003; 225 (5887): 24-28.